The amount of work the Society has in front of them really is mind blowing.

From such small beginnings the Society is steadily increasing its collection to a point where they have to solicit advice from sister organisations in order for their data to be stored and catologued in a particular procedure to avoid any future problems.

“It is important that all this is done correctly from the outset” Society vice president, Bill Carey(pictured) said this week.

“We are slowly gathering material, most of it in material objects, and have come to the realisation that unless they are indexed and filed correctly then it could make problems for us in the future.”

“Firstly we just placed the objects we obtained in boxes and left it at that but now we so much coming into our possession we have to:

  • Send an appropriate donation acknowledgement form complete with a document which excludes the donor from any future claim on the goods;
  • Identify it for its authenticity then tag it with a reference number;
  • Reference and cross-reference it in our inventory index;
  • Place a nominal value on the object should insurance play a part in its possible disappearance;
  • Lodge it in a safe and scure place appropriate to the nature of the article.

All this takes time and of course space in which to store the items, but we are getting there.”

Members of the committee continue to gather at their Western Suburbs Football Clubrooms each week to work on processing the items as well as other tasks.

Officials expect to call upon other Society members in the new year who might wish to participate in similar activities at the clubrooms in order to get on top of the growing workload.

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