2014 AFL Grand Final Tickets

2014 AFL Grand Final smallThe Society has been provided with two 2014 AFL Grand Final Tickets to use as a fund raiser and officials have now decided to let them go to the best offer.

Several suggestions were suggested including raffle, open bid, straight sale or even prizes in another competition.  Either way, the Society is keen to trade these tickets in a manner which will provide maximum return for the organisation at a time when they are raising additional revenue to fund their book on football in Sydney during WWI which is due for release in April next year.

“Last year we had someone make an offer early in the piece” Society president Ian Granland said.  “We were happy with the amount involved which saved us all the mucking around with raffles etc.  and really, would be happy to go down the same track.”

“The purchaser was very fortunate in that they were fans of the eventual premiers, and winning on the day really turned out to be a real bonus for them.  They had a great day.”

Even this year the Swans are a better than even money chance to play off in the season decider and getting these two tickets early could save someone that last rush and stress in gaining admission.  Or perhaps they could secure them as a present for a friend or loved-one.

Anyone interested in the tickets can contact the Society by email us here.  Bidding will be shut off by 21 September unless the reserve is reached beforehand.

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